Travel back with me to 1882!

28 Apr

“Time and Again” book by Jack Finney


One of my very favorite books is “Time And Again” by Jack Finney. In this book about time travel, an advertising artist is chosen by a government agency to travel back in time to New York of the 1880’s. Mystery, romance, and history are all wrapped up in this wonderfully illustrated book, published in 1970; I first encountered it in the mid 80’s. After reading it non-stop, I was helplessly struck by the time travel bug! Without delay, I wrote to Mr. Finney and told him I wished I could read it again for the first time. His “thank you” came back to me in a short and sweet, typewritten letter (see above). Hundreds of time travel books later, I still cannot find one that satisfies me as much as “Time And Again.” 

Along with several other short stories and novels, Mr. Finney wrote “The Body Snatchers,” which was made into a 1959 movie titled “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (two more movie versions came later). At age 84 in 1995, he published a sequel to his “Time and Again” novel, but sadly died the same year. Before I was ready to tackle the sequel, I knew I wanted to revisit the first one. So, I chose to read it aloud to my daughter. Now, I’m ready to go back in time…again. 

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