“And Then There Were Four” – narrated by James Stewart

28 May

JamesStewart  and_then_there_were_four_000001

“And Then There Were Four” (1950) – Sounds like an Agatha Christie mystery, doesn’t it? Not quite, although, toward the end of this short film, it was suspenseful enough to keep me watching. Let me tell you more about it.

During his acting career, James Stewart narrated many short films, this being just one of them. A 25-minute documentary to caution us on the perils of reckless driving, “And Then There Were Four” was produced by Roland Reed Productions, who gave us classic TV shows like “My Little Margie” and “Rocky Jones, Space Ranger.” We meet five ordinary people who drive off to their morning destination. Set in LA, we watch our five folks navigate through their day, all with apparent poor driving habits which could contribute to their demise by auto accident. The warning sign here, however, is that only four out of our five will return home to their loved ones!

Obviously, 1950 Driver’s Ed tests were different than ours now, but it was kind of interesting to see what was available then. Also, I truly rooted for the scolding that one person receives by a no-nonsense court judge. Strangely enough, I found myself worried about who would be the person not to come home at the end of this film. Kind of sobering! To watch “And Then There Were Four,” just click the small credits pic next to Stewart’s.  Drive safe, now!

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