“Mothers, food, love, and career, the four major guilt groups.” Cathy Guisewite

31 May

Today, my portrait gallery includes some famous mothers and children. You might recognize a few of these female actors, all of whom were or are mothers of other actors.  Here, I’ve tried to include the less well-known, celebrity relationships, and find pictures that included both mother and children. 

Starting from the top, left to right…
First, there’s Barbara Hale (Della on Perry Mason), who was mother to William Katt (Ralph on The Greatest American Hero). Then, a single pic of Margaret Field (Georgette in The Big Clock), who mothered Sally Field (Mary Todd in Lincoln).

The 2nd row includes Mary Martin (South Pacific) with son Larry Hagman (J.R. on Dallas). Mia Farrow (Rosemary’s Baby) sits next to her mom, Maureen O’Sullivan (Jane in Tarzan movies).  Ending this row is a pic of Whitney Blake (mom in Hazel), who was mom to Meredith Baxter (mom in Family Ties). 

The 3rd row begins with Patty Duke (The Miracle Worker) cuddling her two sons: Sean Astin (Samwise in The Lord of the Rings) and MacKenzie Astin (Will in Iron Will).  Middle of the row, we have Priscilla Pointer (Mrs. Snell in Carrie) and Amy Irving (Sue Snell in Carrie). The Cumberbatch family finishes up the gallery with Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock), his mom, Wanda Ventham (Dr. Who), and his dad, Timothy Carlton (Judge in Downton Abbey).

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