Take a seat. Any seat. Just not in front of me!

14 Jun

If you take movie-going as seriously as I do, first-class movie seating isn’t necessarily a given, is it? Most of us won’t admit that it’s an important factor of movie-going best practices to obtain the optimum place from which to watch your movie, right? I will! I’ll admit my preoccupation for the perfect seat…in the perfect spot…in the perfect theater! How about you? Do you…

    • scramble for the seats with the foot railings in front?
    • obtain squatter’s rights, smack dab in the middle?
    • reserve the aisle seat for a last minute dash to the candy?
    • sneak up to the back wall, “far from the madding crowd”?

Yep, I thought so! I knew I wasn’t alone.

And, what’s that all about when the theater is empty and some dufus sits right in front or behind me?! Once, I received a scolding for placing my coat on the seat in front of me to discourage others from sitting there (don’t say you heard that tip from me). And, another time, I deliberately sat behind a messy seat thinking no one would sit on it. Boy, was I wrong! 

Even though movie-going may require some serious strategy, I wouldn’t trade it for anything! When the popcorn is hot…when the seat is stellar…when the curtains bow out of the way, it’s magical! Take a seat; any seat; just beware that it might be me…sitting behind you!

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