Frances Gumm, aka Judy Garland, in “Bubbles” (1930)

17 Jun

In this clip from a Warner Brothers Vitaphone Varieties short called “Bubbles,” Frances Ethel Gumm, aka Judy Garland, is seen at the age of eight, belting out “The Land of Let’s Pretend.” Young Judy is joined by her older sisters, Mary Jane and Virginia Gumm; all three known to Hollywood as “The Gumm Sisters.” If you want to hear just Garland’s two-line solo and see her in a close-up, skip through the clip to about 1:04. Sorry, that it isn’t a better print.

The 1930 short was originally filmed in Technicolor, but did not survive in that format. However, during the 1990’s, in the Library of Congress, a black & white print was discovered. You can watch the full 7+ minutes on Dailymotion. And, to read more about Judy’s short films, please visit

Warner Brothers made hundreds of short films showcasing many great talents of the 20’s and 30’s. Judy starred in a few more short subjects before making feature films. Isn’t it fun to see our “Wizard of Oz” girl so early in her career?

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