“We all meet death somewhere along the way.”

28 Jun

Why is someone terrorizing Kit Preston? Why do they want to kill her? And, why doesn’t anyone believe she’s being threatened? Not her husband, not her friends, not her doctor! 

Well, if you want to find out, locate a copy of the movie, Midnight Lace! A thriller with a good cast: Doris Day, Rex Harrison, Myrna Loy, John Gavin, and Roddy McDowall. Nominated for a Golden Globe Award, Doris Day trades in her singing persona for playing a distraught new bride in this 1960 London-based mystery. For Doris Day fans, she shows us what she can do with this role, as a wife disturbed by a sinister voice who continues to warn her that she will be murdered by the end of the month!

I remember watching this film later on TV. Although I know I saw it much before 1981, apparently, it was turned into a made-for-TV-movie in that year. To this day, I can still recall that high-pitched, creepy voice harassing Doris on the phone. And, her reaction to the maniacal stalker raised up my creeped-out level considerably!

Unfortunately, the film is sometimes hard to find. I’ve just ordered my copy from Classic Movie Reel and have one “saved” copy on my Netflix queue in case my purchase disappoints. Happy movie stalking!

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