What was the name of that movie? Who was in it?

01 Aug

“Games” with Simone Signoret, James Caan, Katharine Ross

Movie Memory Misfire! MMM happens to me all the time! When I was younger, I watched this scary movie. Years later, it popped back into my head, but, for the life of me, I could never retrieve the title or even one actor in it. And, it would taunt me with fleeting images … someone trapped inside a statue … a bloody elevator … creepy abstract art … twisty ending … games. Hmmm … games …

That was it!! It was the 1967 movie, Games, with James Caan (The Godfather), Katharine Ross (The Graduate), Simone Signoret (Diabolique) and everyone’s favorite mean guy, Don Stroud (can’t pick just one). Cross my heart; it took me 46 years to figure out the name of this tricky thriller. Now, I had to find the movie to watch! After lots of hunting, it appeared on Netflix. And, you know what? The movie was still good AND scary after all these years. 

P.S. Since watching this movie, it has been removed from Netflix. Creepy! Never fear, for I found the whole movie (not in parts) on YouTube. Hurry fast before it disappears just like your memory. What was the name of that movie again?

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