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“Listen once in a while. It’s amazing what you can hear.” Russell Baker

I love audiobooks! It’s such a welcome change to use my ears, which thankfully don’t need glasses. And, to not have to hold a book when my fingers are tired. Best of all, it can be awesome to hear my favorite story characters speak!

When I drive a long way to work, I can’t wait to get on the road in order to hear my audiobook; beats hearing engines, horns, etc. As I listen intently, time passes quickly, but I never mind the traffic jams, or the road ragers, or the snowy ride. I do, however, mind getting to work and having to shutoff my CD. Very sad!

One of my favorite books to listen to was “Kindred” by Octavia Butler. A classic time travel story! It is read by actor Kim Staunton, who has just the voice I imagine Butler’s Dana to have. Other books I’ve enjoyed hearing were authored by Dean Koontz, Tana French and Malcolm Gladwell. They all kept my attention, except when needed on the road, of course!

As is obvious, the voice who reads my story is critical. I love hearing accents (if appropriate) or multiple voices (like a play), or the author’s voice (if it adds value).  But, a bad narrator, one who is overly dramatic, or is as flat as a book cover, can ruin the story! Believe me, not all authors should read their own stories. 

Listening to audiobooks can take a little practice, and you don’t want to listen to them in the car if it is too distracting. You can find audiobooks in many places; I prefer the cheapest place…the library. I appreciate audiobook publishers who include short tracks (three-minutes or less) on their CDs, so if you miss a part, you don’t have to hear much more than what you missed.

Audiobooks have enhanced my listening skills…skills that can always be improved. And, for children, they can greatly increase vocabulary and attention span. My talky teenager can vouch for that. So, if you would like to try something new, just find a good book and give it a listen.

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