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Harvest Time! LEGO apples “picked” by Nathan Sawaya!

Harvest Time! LEGO Apples by Sawaya!

Faster than any fruit tree, my favorite LEGO guy, Nathan Sawaya, can “grow” apples! Well, “build” apples, really.

At the 2007 Produce Marketers Association’s Expo, Nathan challenged visitors to see how fast they could make a LEGO apple. Nathan produced a red and delicious-looking one in seven minutes!

Hey, Nathan! Is it time for some LEGO apple pie?

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State Fair Time! Here I come, Pronto Pups!

Summer Have-to's!

“State Fair” with Lew Ayres, Janet Gaynor and Will Rogers

Gosh darn it! I have to go to the State Fair and eat my way through it. I’ll be blogging after I’ve recovered!

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Man! I hate when that happens!

“October 1938. ‘Mother and children with popcorn, National Rice Festival, Crowley, Louisiana.’ Valuable practice for the Popcorn Festival. 35mm nitrate negative by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration.”

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A perfect reading scene … minus the mouse!

Woman reading at table with mouse. Photographer unknown – circa 1935

Like her, I used to read while I ate, but kept losing my place and letting my eggs get cold. I also chose not to add a mouse to my breakfast scene, as it would have been another unwanted distraction from my reading!

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Addicted to Movies & Popcorn! Who me?


Monday: nose twitching like a rabbit…was that popcorn I smelled?

Tuesday: humming movie tunes… “Coo, coo, ca-choo, Mrs Robinson”

Wednesday: craving worsens…laying out movie clothes (don’t ask).

Thursday: can’t find my AMC Stubs card…it was just in my wallet.

Friday: Google movie times…so many movies, so little time.

Saturday: finally here…SEE YA AT THE MOVIES!

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