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LEGO Log Cabin: Going Up North!

LEGO Log Cabin with minifigure in boat

Going up north for some vacation. Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

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LEGO Bookends – gotta have ’em!

LEGO Bookends - gotta have them!

LEGO Bookends from MOCPages

Love these LEGO bookends by LEGO Junkie!

Also, visit more LEGO Junkie creations at Flickr.

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Charlie Chaplin – “The Tramp” in LEGO

Charlie Chaplin in LEGO

Charlie Chaplin in LEGO


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Harvest Time! LEGO apples “picked” by Nathan Sawaya!

Harvest Time! LEGO Apples by Sawaya!

Faster than any fruit tree, my favorite LEGO guy, Nathan Sawaya, can “grow” apples! Well, “build” apples, really.

At the 2007 Produce Marketers Association’s Expo, Nathan challenged visitors to see how fast they could make a LEGO apple. Nathan produced a red and delicious-looking one in seven minutes!

Hey, Nathan! Is it time for some LEGO apple pie?

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Staying cool with LEGO and Nathan Sawaya!

Staying Cool With LEGO and Nathan Sawaya

It’s August, it’s hot, it’s humid, and it’s AC time! Time to cool off with a Carrier air conditioner by Nathan Sawaya, LEGO extraordinaire! 

In 2006, Nathan was asked to build a replica of Carrier’s AC for their convention. In a couple of days, Nathan had created a full size model, “complete with the compressor, valves and working fan.” Click this link for detailed pictures. 

I don’t know which is cooler, the AC or Nathan! 

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Even toys gotta read!

Smarth LEGO minifigure reading near bookcase.

Good to see this little guy take time out from being “toyed” with to relax and read a bit. I wonder what he’s reading. It’s a thick book! Could it be Gone With the Wind? Or, maybe it’s Game of Thrones. How about Harry Potter? It could be War and Peace too. Gosh, I’m probably disturbing him.

Quietly tiptoeing off to find my own book.  Shh…

LEGO Creation by smarth

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LEGO of my Eggs!

Fried Eggs, Over LEGO

LEGO fried eggs breakfast

My favorite breakfast! (By Stephen Hawkins, I think)


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