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Before they were monsters!

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Man! I hate when that happens!

“October 1938. ‘Mother and children with popcorn, National Rice Festival, Crowley, Louisiana.’ Valuable practice for the Popcorn Festival. 35mm nitrate negative by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration.”

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Staying cool with LEGO and Nathan Sawaya!

Staying Cool With LEGO and Nathan Sawaya

It’s August, it’s hot, it’s humid, and it’s AC time! Time to cool off with a Carrier air conditioner by Nathan Sawaya, LEGO extraordinaire! 

In 2006, Nathan was asked to build a replica of Carrier’s AC for their convention. In a couple of days, Nathan had created a full size model, “complete with the compressor, valves and working fan.” Click this link for detailed pictures. 

I don’t know which is cooler, the AC or Nathan! 

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A perfect reading scene … minus the mouse!

Woman reading at table with mouse. Photographer unknown – circa 1935

Like her, I used to read while I ate, but kept losing my place and letting my eggs get cold. I also chose not to add a mouse to my breakfast scene, as it would have been another unwanted distraction from my reading!

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“I think housework is the reason most women go to the office.” –Heloise Cruse

1920’s kitchen with sink and stove.

After painting our itsy-bitsy kitchen this weekend, and I do mean itsy-bitsy, I realized how much I longed for a kitchen with infinite more space and a cleaner design! 

A kitchen in which you don’t have to jump on the counter to let someone else go by!

A kitchen with more than one counter to jump on!

A kitchen with space for a table; you know, that thing that one sits at and eats!

A kitchen where less IS more!

Like this 1920’s kitchen! It’s amazing to be able to clean under everything. And, how cool that is to dry your dishes on the radiator, or in the sun. I only hope they supplied a chair for that junior stove.

Well, maybe the kitchen fairy will visit us some day… or year … or decade. I’ll be waiting on the counter!

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Even toys gotta read!

Smarth LEGO minifigure reading near bookcase.

Good to see this little guy take time out from being “toyed” with to relax and read a bit. I wonder what he’s reading. It’s a thick book! Could it be Gone With the Wind? Or, maybe it’s Game of Thrones. How about Harry Potter? It could be War and Peace too. Gosh, I’m probably disturbing him.

Quietly tiptoeing off to find my own book.  Shh…

LEGO Creation by smarth

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I don’t know about you, but this is how I always read my books!

I don't know about you, but this is how I always read a book!

Gianfranco Ferré model, Linda Evangelista, 1992.

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