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“Why? Because!” – Judy Garland asks and Fanny Brice answers in “Everybody Sing”!

“Why? Because!” sings Judy Garland and Fanny Brice from the 1938 musical, Everybody Sing.

Although not a short subject, I couldn’t resist showing this film clip with Judy and Fanny together. Obviously, Judy needs no introduction, but Fanny, on the other hand, might for many of you.

Fanny Brice, probably more well-known for Barbra Streisand playing her in Funny Girl and Funny Lady, was a consummate comedian, singer, and actor of almost every medium. About Fanny’s two husbands, both portrayed in the biographical movies, she amusingly reminisces, “With Nick Arnstein, I was miserably happy. With Billy Rose, I was happily miserable.” 

Fanny does one of her best characters, “Baby Snooks” in this film clip. A two-star, Hollywood Walk of Famer, Fanny was born in NY in 1891. A cerebral hemorrhage ended her life in 1951.

Judy Garland stars in Everybody Sing a year before she wows us in the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz. Keep an eye out for Judy’s witch pal, Billie Burke (Glinda), if you get a chance to watch the whole feature of Everybody Sing. 

Thank you gcuriosidades for making it available on YouTube!

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Bab’s Baby Sister – Roslyn Kind

I just love digging out little bits of movie or TV trivia! So, this is what I found today…

Barbra Streisand’s little sis, singer and actress Roslyn Kind, talks to Unscripted on YouTube about being the baby of the family, and growing her career.

I always knew Barbra had a sister, and recalled seeing and hearing her sing in the 70’s. As you watch this video, you’ll see how much Roslyn and Barbra look and talk alike. It’s uncanny! I think even more so as they have aged.

Now, hear Roslyn sing. Perhaps, she has a deeper voice and less pitch control than Barbra, but their similarities sure prove their kinship.

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