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Can you guess who is in this 1947 short subject film?

“Shy Guy” (1947) is a 14-minute film, otherwise known as a short subject: a brief film (40 mins or less) that is typically shown before the main feature. Coronet Instructional Films, a successful company who, for years, sold educational films to schools and libraries, produced this short. I’m sure many of you have had the pleasure of watching an educational short…either in school, or before a movie, or on YouTube. A number of these films are corny, outdated, and sometimes offensive. However, I got a kick out of this one, as the advice offered wasn’t as bad as I expected. 

Once in a while, an actor continues his career in movies after starring in one of these instructional films. Many well-known actors made their first appearances in these and other types of shorts such as comedies, musicals, etc. As in “Shy Guy,” the main actor became quite popular on a TV sitcom from 1964-1969. Spoiler Alert Ahead! 

“Shy Guy” stars a 19-year-old actor named Dick York, who played Darren Stevens on “Bewitched.” Gotta love his voice in this film! And, by the way, the narrator is Mike Wallace, former TV journalist on “60 Minutes.” Enjoy this short, but sweet, view of teenage life in the 40’s.

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Like father, like daughter – Robert and Elizabeth Montgomery

A chip off the old block! You could certainly say that about TV’s “Bewitched” star, Elizabeth Montgomery. Her father was Robert Montgomery, popular Hollywood actor of the 30’s and 40’s, and TV producer in the 50’s. Actually, I lied. Elizabeth was a “double” chip off the old block, as she was also the daughter of Broadway actress Elizabeth Bryan (Allen). Great genes!

To introduce, or remind you, how funny and charming Robert could be, check out the first video above. The next video catches a young Elizabeth awkwardly giggling on her father’s TV show, “Robert Montgomery Presents.” (31 seconds into the clip.) On the last video, you can see the familiar proof of Elizabeth’s inherited comical expressions and timing. Definitely, a family affair!

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