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The “1930 Motion Picture News Blue Book”

The “1930 Motion Picture News Blue Book” is a very cool, old Hollywood reference book! It boasts, “The Authoritative Who’s Who of Filmdom.” And, it is!

Published back in 1930 for the movie industry, this little “Blue Book” includes thousands of small biographies on every known actor, director, editor, writer, etc. during that time; and, in which films they worked. 

Here are a few examples of the ads spotted throughout this movie-stuffed book: Mickey Mouse Sound Cartoons, Harry Langdon, and Harold Lloyd!

As a short subject researcher, these types of reference books are gems. I feel lucky to own it! If you are looking for a copy, just Google it. A few copies are being sold on various websites.

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In “support” of books…

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Movies, and books, and bookends! Oh, my! 

In the used bookstore we once had, we could never get enough bookends. Of course, we used mostly the boring, black and metal bookends, but we did have some wonderfully ornate ones. I would have loved to have the fun ones shown above for our movie section. One can never have enough bookends, can one?

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