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“Dr. Jekyll – Loved by beautiful women, sought by society. Mr. Hyde – fiend and criminal.”

Fredric March in Paramount’s 1931 “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

Beware, people of London! 

Fredric March mesmerizes us as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in a page from “Paramount’s 20th Birthday Jubilee Announcements of 1931.” A perfect Oscar-winning monster movie to watch this Halloween. Complete with marvelous make-up transitions and fearful co-stars, Miriam Hopkins and Rose Hobart. 

Did you know that this was the only version in which Jekyll’s name is pronounced correctly as “Jee-kall”? More trivia revealed on IMDb’s site.

Source: Media History Digital Library. Artist unknown.

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“Office Blues” – 19-year-old Ginger Rogers is in love!

Young stenographer, Ginger Rogers, falls in love with her boss, and he doesn’t even know it! The big galute!

Only three years before she began her streak of dancing films with Fred Astaire, Ginger starred in “Office Blues,” a 1930 Paramount short subject. Her Betty Boop-like voice and brunette curls makes it hard to recognize her. Sorry, no dancing from Ginger here, but she does show off her comedic flair and belts out two songs, “We Can’t Get Along,” and “Dear Sir,” while she rebuffs her co-worker’s advances and concentrates on catching her boss’s attention. Go, Ginger!

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“Alice in Wonderland” with Cary Grant & Gary Cooper!

I don’t think…” then you shouldn’t talk, said the Hatter.” Good advice for most of us from Alice’s Mad Hatter!

Speaking of the Mad Hatter, one of my favorite “Alice in Wonderland” movies is the 1933 celebrity-filled version. This Paramount movie is jam-packed with well-known stars. Here’s a few:

  • Cary Grant as the Mock Turtle

  • Gary Cooper as the White Knight

  • W. C. Fields as Humpty Dumpty

  • Sterling Holloway as the Frog

I especially enjoy Charlotte Henry’s performance as Alice; 7,000 actors auditioned for this role! Noted actor Billy Barty, who founded the “Little People of America,” plays the uncredited White Pawn and baby. And, grinning throughout the film is Richard Arlen as the Cheshire Cat. Visit IMDb for the entire cast list. Oh, I almost forgot about the Mad Hatter. He was played by the ever entertaining, Edward Everett Horton.

To prevent bankruptcy, Paramount threw all their top-ranked stars at this film. The idea failed because most of their famous actors were unrecognizable in their costumes. Thankfully, Paramount’s plight was saved by two other films. 

Although, many of the available film copies are a bit fuzzy, you can watch this movie free at Don’t miss your chance to catch Cary and Gary in full costume…or “Off with your head!”

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