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“Hollywood Hobbies” (1939) A surplus of Hollywood stars!

Jump in and take a Hollywood tour with two star-crazed ladies (Joyce Compton & Sally Payne), who get a spectacular chance to see Hollywood celebrities with tour guide William ‘Billy’ Benedict. Stick with these guys and catch scads of movie stars in MGM’s 1939 short subject, Hollywood Hobbies!

Pre-tour note: Morey “Buddy” Amsterdam, from The Dick Van Dyke Show, wrote the story and screenplay!

Are you ready to see the stars? Here we go …

First stop, we see Reginald Denny at his model airplane factory.

Gosh, isn’t that Clark Gable at home whitewashing his barn?

Awwww, look who is expecting. It’s Robert Young and Allan Jones as “expectant” godfathers of a new foal! Irene Hervey helps usher in the new equine!

Our last stop is a Hollywood baseball game with commentator Truman Bradley and baseball fans: Jimmy Stewart, George Murphy, Cesar Romero, Joan Davis, Spencer Tracy, Virginia Bruce, and James Cagney (with mom Carolyn).

Oh la la! Joe E. Brown is kissing Harry Ritz!

Buddy Ebsen’s on the bench. Tyrone Power is in the seats.

Jane Withers autographs a baseball. Milton Berle steps in as shortstop.

Buster Keaton covers 3rd base. John Boles is in left outfield.

Throwing out the first ball is Mary Pickford.

Frank Mitchell & Jack Durant attempt to bat while stacked on top of each other!

Arthur Lake garbles some pre-game chatter. Nat Pendleton steals home.

The Ritz Brothers umpire, if you can call it that!

Dick Powell bats a home run, ending the game and knocking out the tour guide!

All is well in Hollywood!

Thank you to HollywoodHobbies for making it available on YouTube!

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Tough times, tough guy … “The Hard Guy” with Spencer Tracy.

Don’t miss this six-minute short subject with a young, dark-haired Spencer Tracy! Only eight years before he “was listed as the fifth biggest money-making star of 1938,” and twelve years before his partnership began with Katharine Hepburn. “The Hard Guy,” a 1930 Warner Brothers “Vitaphone Varieties” is a must for Tracy fans!

The film begins with Guy, a despondent WWI veteran, battling unemployment in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of NY. (Had to look it up: Hell’s Kitchen is the area from 34th to 59th street). Desperate and needing food for his family, Guy protests, “Boy, what a picnic that war was compared to this one. I was a hero once, now I’m a bust!” As he leaves to look for work, his wife discovers a hidden revolver in his coat pocket … will Guy rob for food? Don’t ditch before the plot twist.

Thank you, Eldon Stuhr!


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From Kate, through Spencer, to Henry.

From Spencer to Henry...

Henry Fonda, Katharine Hepburn in “On Golden Pond”

A great gesture from a grand lady!

On the first day of shooting the 1981 movie, On Golden Pond, Katharine Hepburn presented Henry Fonda with Spencer Tracy’s “lucky hat,” which Fonda wore for this triple Oscar movie! Surprisingly, in all the time they both had spent in Hollywood, Hepburn and Fonda had never met each other before that day.  A lucky hat, indeed!

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