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LEGO Log Cabin: Going Up North!

LEGO Log Cabin with minifigure in boat

Going up north for some vacation. Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

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Hun, let’s vacation in a bird’s nest. Okay with you?


Bird’s Nest, Harads, Sweden, Treehotel

Well, if you are ever in Harads, Sweden, and looking for a hotel, you may want to visit the awe-inspiring Treehotel! Appropriately named “The Bird’s Nest,” the room in the pic above is one of five outdoor rooms the Treehotel has available for you! Now, if you don’t want to spend your time gazing through twigs, you could always get abducted up to “The UFO” room; very 50’s sci-fi! Or, maybe you need some time to reflect. In that case, you might choose “The Mirror Cube” room; a cubed structure, completely mirrored on the outside to reflect the fantastic forest view. And, how ever you spend your day there, when you are done relaxing, you can top that off with a dip in “The Tree Sauna.” How cool (or warm) is that?

Don’t forget to send me a postcard wishing I was there!

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